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Specialty Eyewear

Elevate Your Performance and Protection

Engage in sports, water activities, or outdoor pursuits with unparalleled visual precision and safety. Exceptional eyesight, superior depth perception, and optimal eye-hand coordination are crucial for activities like racquetball, SCUBA diving, or hunting. Our optical technicians are dedicated to matching you with the ideal specialty eyewear tailored to your unique needs.

Our eye doctors understand the importance of customizing your eye exam based on your specific sport or hobby. Utilizing advanced tests, we assess your vision in motion, interactions with objects, and reactions to dynamic environments. Computerized exams featuring 3D holographic images and automated testing for reaction time contribute to a comprehensive evaluation.

Vision i Care proudly presents a diverse collection of specialty eyewear, addressing various needs. Whether you require safety glasses for sports, eyewear for extended computer use, or driving glasses with polarized lenses for glare reduction, we have you covered. Explore customized tints enhancing contrast for sharp vision in all weather conditions. For occupations involving hazardous tasks, such as power tool usage, our range of safety eyewear ensures protection.

Specialty Eyewear Overview

Glasses for All Seasons, for All Reasons

Discover eyewear suited for every season and purpose, providing optimal vision and protection.

Safety and Sports Glasses

Explore the benefits of protective sports eyewear, ensuring worry-free engagement in sports for both you and your children.

Eyewear for Swimming, Snorkeling, and Scuba Diving

Improve underwater visibility with sports eyewear designed for swimming, snorkeling, and SCUBA diving.

Shooting Glasses and Hunting Eyewear

Enhance your vision during hunting or firearm use by selecting the right features in shooting glasses.

Contacts & Glasses that Enhance Performance

Experience the performance advantages offered by sports eyewear, extending beyond eye protection to elevate your overall athletic capabilities.

Elevate your sports or hobby experience with specialty eyewear that safeguards your eyes and enhances performance. Schedule a consultation with us today to discover the perfect pair of specialty eyewear tailored to your unique needs.

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