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Scleral Lenses

Welcome to Vision I Care’s Scleral Lenses Page – Your Window to Clear and Comfortable Vision!

At Vision I Care, we understand that each patient is unique, and so are their vision needs. Scleral lenses, a specialized type of contact lens, offer a revolutionary solution for individuals with specific eye conditions or challenges. Discover the comfort, clarity, and customized fit that scleral lenses can bring to your vision journey.

Scleral lenses, the extra-large siblings of traditional rigid gas permeable lenses, vault over the entire cornea, creating a gap between the lens and the corneal surface. Their unique design, resting comfortably on the sclera (the white part of your eye), makes them a top choice for clear and comfortable vision, regardless of age.

  • Keratoconus
  • Astigmatism
  • Dry Eyes
  • Giant papillary conjunctivitis (GPC)
  • Post-refractive surgery (i.e., LASIK, PRK)
  • Presbyopia

To explore whether scleral lenses are right for you, call Dr. Van Huynh to discuss your needs and schedule an assessment.

  • Enhanced Comfort: Scleral lenses provide a comfortable and stable fit, eliminating the irritation that some individuals experience with traditional lenses. The fluid reservoir between the lens and the cornea ensures a consistently moist environment for the eyes.
  • Visual Clarity: Due to their design, scleral lenses offer superior visual acuity. They correct refractive errors and provide clear, crisp vision even for those with irregular corneas or higher prescriptions.
  • Protection and Lubrication: The fluid-filled vault over the cornea serves as a protective barrier, reducing friction and maintaining consistent moisture. This makes scleral lenses an excellent option for individuals with dry eyes or other ocular surface issues.
  • Customized Fit: Each pair of scleral lenses is tailored to the unique contours of your eyes. Our eye care professionals at Vision I Care take precise measurements to ensure a perfect fit, promoting comfort and optimal vision correction.

Discover the benefits of scleral lenses that go beyond traditional options:

  • Super-size Diameter: Ensures stability, preventing them from popping out easily.
  • High-Quality Materials: Long-lasting lenses for extended use.
  • Allergen Protection: Large size blocks debris, dust, and allergens.
  • Highly Breathable: Gas permeable material ensures ample oxygen reaches the eye.
  • Lubricating Cushion: Moisturizing tears create a comfortable wearing experience for healthier eyes.

Ready to bid farewell to uncomfortable lenses that compromise your vision? Call Dr. Van Huynh in Pasadena for more information.

Scleral Lenses for Keratoconus Treatment in Pasadena

Addressing one of the most common conditions, scleral lenses play a crucial role in treating keratoconus. This condition causes the cornea to thin and bulge, impacting vision significantly. Symptoms include blurred or distorted vision, sudden worsening, and increased light sensitivity. Scleral lenses provide a dome-like surface over the abnormal cornea, ensuring proper refraction for clear vision.

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Discover what our patients have to say about their experience with scleral lenses at Vision I Care. Read testimonials to understand how scleral lenses have transformed the lives of individuals facing unique vision challenges.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do scleral lenses help with dry eye syndrome?

Scleral lenses, filled with a saline solution, keep your eyes hydrated, protecting against dry eye symptoms such as pain, discomfort, redness, and itchiness while providing sharp, clear vision.

What makes scleral lenses so comfortable?

Custom-fit for each person, scleral lenses offer superior comfort. Their large size and shape ensure stability, even during sports or active lifestyle activities.

Are scleral lenses hard to adjust to?

While adjustment may take up to two weeks for some individuals, helpful tips include gradual wear, generous use of solution during insertion, and following hygiene instructions provided by your eye doctor.

How do I care for scleral lenses?

Our optometrists will provide detailed instructions on cleaning, disinfecting, and storing your scleral lenses. Proper care is crucial for maintaining eye health and lens longevity.

Are scleral lenses difficult to insert and remove?

During your fitting, our team will provide hands-on training to ensure you feel confident in inserting and removing your scleral lenses. With practice, most individuals find it becomes second nature.

Can I sleep in my scleral lenses?

It’s generally not recommended to sleep in scleral lenses. Your optometrist will provide guidance on the wearing schedule that best suits your eye health.

Discover a new world of clarity and comfort with scleral lenses from Vision I Care. Our team is dedicated to providing personalized eye care solutions that enhance your quality of life. Schedule your consultation today, and let’s embark on a journey to optimal vision together.

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