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Welcome to Vision I Care’s Latisse™ Page – Enhance Your Lashes, Elevate Your Beauty!

Discover the transformative power of Latisse™ for longer, fuller lashes. Learn about the science behind this FDA-approved treatment and how Vision I Care can help you achieve stunning lash growth.

Understanding Latisse™

Latisse™, an FDA-approved prescription medicine, harnesses the power of a prostaglandin analog (bimatoprost ophthalmic solution, 0.03%) to stimulate the growth of darker, thicker, and longer eyelashes. Applied daily with the sterile applicator along the lash line of your upper eyelids, Latisse™ delivers remarkable results. It is essential to avoid using Latisse™ on the lower eyelids to prevent an unnatural appearance.

As the exclusive FDA-approved eyelash growth serum, Latisse™ remains at the forefront of cosmetic innovations. While the exact science behind its effectiveness is not fully understood, experts believe Latisse™ activates hair cells, initiating a growth cycle.

Bimatoprost, a prostaglandin analog.

  • Personalized Consultation: Our experienced optometrists conduct personalized consultations to assess suitability and discuss individual goals.
  • Prescription and Application Guidance: Upon approval, we provide a prescription for Latisse™ and offer guidance on its correct application for optimal results.
  • Ongoing Support: Our team offers ongoing support, addressing any concerns, providing application tips, and monitoring progress during follow-up appointments.

Witness the transformation of your lashes as early as one month into Latisse™ usage. However, for the full effect, consistent daily application for a minimum of two months is recommended. The enhanced beauty of your eyelashes is maintained only with continuous medication use. Discontinuation of Latisse™ results in a gradual return to the original appearance of your lashes.

Latisse™ is suitable for individuals aged 18 and above. Pregnant or breastfeeding women are advised against its use. Contact lens wearers can safely incorporate Latisse™ into their beauty routine, ensuring the removal of contacts before application. A 15-minute interval is required before reinserting contact lenses.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Like any medication, Latisse™ may have potential side effects. Common occurrences include redness of the conjunctiva, itchy eyes, dry eyes, and temporary darkening of the eyelids. In some cases, the iris may experience permanent darkening. Hair growth around the eyes is possible if the serum comes into regular contact with the surrounding skin. If any adverse reactions or changes in vision occur, promptly contact Dr. Van Huynh.

Is Latisse™ Right for You?

  • Thin or Sparse Lashes: Ideal for individuals with thin or sparse lashes seeking natural and significant enhancement.
  • Desire for Fuller Lashes: For those desiring fuller, longer, and darker lashes without the need for mascara or extensions.
  • Consistent Application: Suitable for individuals committed to consistent and proper application as prescribed.
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Read success stories from individuals who have experienced lash transformation with Latisse™ at Vision I Care. Discover how fuller, longer lashes have enhanced their natural beauty.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to see results with Latisse™?

Results may be visible as early as eight weeks, with full effects typically seen after 12 to 16 weeks.

Is Latisse™ safe?

Latisse™ is FDA-approved and considered safe when used as directed. Our optometrists will discuss potential side effects during the consultation.

Can I use Latisse™ on my lower lashes?

Latisse™ is specifically designed for use on the upper lashes. Using it on the lower lashes may lead to unintended hair growth.

Elevate your lashes with Latisse™ at Vision I Care. Schedule your consultation today to embark on a journey towards naturally fuller, longer, and darker lashes.

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